Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club

Llanhennock, Nr Caerleon

HENRY'S DAY 28th MAY 2017

It was a hazy morning on Sunday, 28th May when Jim & Linda arrived at the Wheatsheaf to find the car park (boules piste) strewn with cars left from a birthday party celebrated in some style the day before. Marje assured us that the drivers were aware of the competition and would be up to move them. We started to prepare what we could of the pistes and steadily people arrived to play and drivers came to reclaim their cars. We were a little late starting, but by the time the sun came out there were 24 players competing for the 20th anniversary of Henry's Day. We had players from Wenvoe, Penarth, Caerleon RFC PC as well as 8 players from Alveley, Shropshire, not to mention their supporters!


To encourage mingling of our visitors, we played all triples games, and completed 2 rounds before stopping for lunch – Colin was in the front garden cooking up a storm! At this point there were only 4 players who had won both their matches – Laurent, Ray Williams, Roger and Judith. Correspondingly there were 4 players who had lost both matches – Basil, Kevin, Pam and Ray Lewis. There were some very close games, with the lead often changing several times. After we had dined on burgers, hot dogs, chilli and Colin's other delicacies, not to mention various alcoholic purchases from the pub, we got under way again. The weather was so warm that we agreed to limit play to 4 rounds, and we wondered whether the cyclists who were arriving at the local Cheshire Home after a strenuous 5 day/350 mile tour of Wales would make a guest appearance at the pub, but they enjoyed a well-deserved celebration down the road!


We went into the last game with Ray and Roger, both with 3 wins, drawn against each other, a tense game went to 13-10! Laurent, who won his final game was 3rd, with 3 wins and a points difference of +19; Judith who was quietly amassing 4 wins came 2nd with a difference of +16 and the winner was Ray Williams with 4 wins and +20. The highest placed visitor was Des, who came 6th with 3 wins and +6, a very creditable performance on our unpredictable pistes. The strongest person, and the only one to lose all his matches was Kevin, although he took part in a couple of very close games that could have gone either way. He did have a handicap though as he left his boules in Shropshire and has had to play with borrowed boules all weekend!


Before presenting the prizes, we all drank a toast to ”Absent Friends”, and as the first drops of rain were felt, everyone came up and collected a consolation box of chocolates, no-one leaves Henry's Day empty-handed! We then adjourned to the bar where we presented Marje with a bouquet of flowers and finished off the welsh cakes. I think, and hope everyone enjoyed the day, and we wish our new friends from Alveley a safe journey home on Tuesday.

News 2015

Stuart Clark Cup at The Wheatsheaf 

Well done to everyone who turned up to brave the elements at the Wheatsheaf PC (15/3/15) and to the finalists in the Spoon, Plate and Cup for sticking it out until the bitter end!! There was alcohol on offer to the winners so you can see below who was more spurred on by the prize!!

Winners of the Spoon - Jake Caston, Gemma Foster, Colin Sweet

Winners of the Plate - Ian Bailey, Peter Westall, Geoff Jones

Winners of the Cup - Jill Brace, Steve Brace, Roger Morgan 


World Championship Singles in Nice

Jake Caston represented Wales and the Wheatsheaf from January 23rd-25th in Nice at the First World Championship Tête-à-Tête for Men and Women (the WPA did not send a woman representative this year). Despite having a fairly tough start against Sweden, Jake performed better when the knockout phase of the competition started.. His initial rounds of play in the Swiss System are below:

Round 1 - Sweden, lost 13-1

Round 2 - Luxembourg, lost 13-7

Round 3 - Austria, lost 13-9

Round 4 - Mongolia, won 13-11

Round 5 - Scotland, lost 13-9 

The knockout rounds commenced with a barrage to decide the teams who would make it into the Nations Cup and those who were out of the competition altogether. Jake drew Belarus and won 13-10. This took him into the first round of the Nations Cup where he he beat Slovakia. He was now in the quarter finals of the Nations Cup and unfortunately found himself up against the Austrian he had lost to earlier in the tournament. Another good game with some missed opportunities saw Jake lose 13-7. The Austrian, Alberto Hinjosa went on to win the Nations Cup.

Well done to Jake who surpassed his own expectations after a disappointing first day and made it to the quarter finals of the Nations Cup!!  


Welsh Cup for Clubs Winners!

Well done to everyone who took part in the Welsh Cup for Clubs, which crossed from 2014 into 2015, the final round being played at the Wheatsheaf against Monkstone PC in January. As winners of this title, we are elgible to be entered into the EuroCup draw to represent Wales, as we have done previously in Metz, Ghent and at home. The draw for the EuroCup will take place in April - look out for where we'll be heading!! A trip may be coming soon!!  

News 2014

Sunday 12th October 2014 

We went ahead with the singles today, 6 people played a round-robin. It
was foggy and cold, the sun never really broke through but we all
enjoyed it! Especially Basil's jelly to warm us up once we'd finished!

Jim won with 4 wins, I was runner-up with 3 wins, beating Basil on
points difference, Colin, Gail and Pat were the other competitors, and
both Ray & Edith and Ray & Jackie came up to support.

Women's European Championships in Turkey 

Congratulations to Jill Brace, Gay Evans and Joanie Roberts who represented Wales at the Women's European Championships in Turkey in September. The players made it through the selection process which was set up this year by the WPA, to form the team. Not having played much as a team before arriving in Turkey, the girls quickly settled into a good team spirit.

Despite a disappointing and difficult first days play, the team missed out on a Top 16 spot but came into their own during the knockout stages of the Nations Cup - victories against Sweden and Hungary (a team Wales has previously lost to on 2/3 occasions - revenge at last!!) saw them progress to the Quarter Finals of the Nations Cup. They faced the Ukraine for the second time during the tournament (they had beaten them 13-7 in the initial rounds). Unfortunately, Ukraine wanted some revenge of their own and eventually took the game 13-8 after a very long game - over 2 hours play - something the Welsh girls always seem to encounter are marathon matches!!

Well done to the team!! First Welsh Women's team to reach the Quarter Finals of the Nations Cup. 

Sunday 11th May 2014

The day started overcast, with a hint of drizzle in the brisk wind, but Colin’s Carvery served up bacon butties before play started at 10.00am prompt to warm up the 12 teams entered. We played a 3-game snake in the morning, with the top 8 teams going on to compete in a knock-out competition for the cup in the afternoon, the remaining teams played for the plate.

3 teams were unbeaten in the morning; Dragons (Ian, Julie & Gay), Not a Clue (Steve, Roger & Tony), and top team Bridlington Bandits (Kon, Barbara & Tansy). As the day progressed, the sun and wind dried out the piste -and warmed up the players!

Special mention should be made of Taffy (Peter, Dianne & their grandson Harley), as this was Harley’s first competition, and the team made it through to the main competition in the afternoon, but were beaten by Bridlington Bandits. Also in the first round of the cup after lunch, Jack’s Jerriatrics (Rod, Rose & Jim) were knocked out by PILCS (Karen, Christine & Hugh) who then went on to defeat Bridlington Bandits in the semi-final. In the bottom half of the draw, both Dragons, beating 2 many Cooks (Jake, Gemma & Colin) and Not a Clue, who defeated Jays (Jill, Joannie & Dianne) made their way to the semi-finals where Not a Clue won – still undefeated!

In the plate competition, JPG (Judith, Pat & Gail) beat Dambusters (Basil, Simon & Josh) and Thorne Birds (Valerie, Rob & John) defeated Brecon Boys (Jim, Mark & Gareth) to meet in the final, which JPG won 13-3.

The final of the cup saw PILCS play a very entertaining game against Not a Clue, which PILCS won 13-11 – Congratulations to them! All the prizes of wine, cash and of course the Wheatsheaf Triples Cup were well received! We would like to thank all the teams that entered, especially those from Brecon & Penarth and other players who travelled from Cardiff. The raffle raised £60 towards the Veterans Triples team (Kon, Barbara & Jake) heading for Sweden to compete in the European Championships. We wish them well!


Sunday 27th April 2014

The Grand Prix series has now finished and the teams qualifying to play at the Home Nations have been decided. Well done to all those from the club who took part - our biggest number so far! (Gemma, Jake, Roger, Steve, Jill, Judith, Basil, Simon, Josh, Gail, Jim and Linda!!) 

Sunday 6th April 2014

The Welsh Ladies Triples competition was held today at Penylan Petanque Club. Five teams braved the wet weather. Teams played a round robin in the morning, the top 4 teams then played a semi and a final. J3D1 comprising of Jill Brace, Judith Morgan, Joanie Roberts and Diane Warren took on Megajules comprising of Gemma Foster, Julie Bailey and Gay Evans in the final. After J3D1 took a 7-1 lead, Megajules fought back to draw the game level, and to eventually win the game. Well done to all those who took part and to the top 2 teams who will now form the Ladies Elite Squad as part of the selection process for the team to represent Wales at the European Championships in Turkey this September.  

Tuesday 18th March 2014

THE AGM WILL START AT 7PM.  Hopefully you will find us in the Snug.. This is our opportunity to get club members together to decide on this years' playing season - number of teams, club competitions, etc. If you cannot attend, try to let your team captain or a fellow member know if you intend to play in either the BIG or WPA leagues this season. The number of players wishing to play in either league will determine the number of teams we enter.

Sunday 2nd March 2014

The President's Cup is being played at the Wheatsheaf PC today. 12 teams will compete for the Cup! And no doubt battle the dinner queue for the faggots and peas!!  

Saturday 1st March 2014

HAPPY SAINT DAVIDS DAY!! And good luck to our team who play the final leg of the Welsh Cup for Clubs today at the Monkstone Inn PC. This is the deciding leg - the winner of which will represent Wales in the EuroCup 2014.  Well done to Monkston Inn PC who qualify to represent Wales in the EuroCup this year - good luck!!

News 2013

Tuesday 13th August 2013

The Home Nations was held in Edinburgh at Inverleith Pétanque Club last weekend. Well done to our club members who represented Wales this year - Basil White, Gemma Foster and Jake Caston. An extra congratulations to Jake and his team (Bob Pugh - Wenvoe, Scott Murray - Penarth and Brian Dreyer - Monkstone) who finished Top Welsh Triple with 7 wins out of 12. Congratulations to England on their victory and to Wales for a close finish to end up in second place.

Monday 5th August 2013

A team of eight: Roger and Judith Morgan; Steve and Jill Brace; Jim and Linda Hutchinson; Basil White and Colin Sweet, together with Colin’s wife and two friends set off in three cars to make the 1,000 mile round trip. The temperature during the journey was in the mid to high 20’s, which was a far cry from the temperature during qualifying! When we saw the draw, it was fairly clear that on past form France would come first and Germany second, with third place up for grabs between the other three of us.

Play started on Friday afternoon with France v Hungary and Germany v Wales.  Both ties, consisting of two triples and three doubles, went to form by 5-0 margins.

The Wheatsheaf had their bye on Saturday morning while France played Germany and Hungary took on Latvia. Hungary and Latvia had each won one triple.  Each won a doubles match easily and the decisive last match was narrowly won 13-11 by Latvia who therefore took the tie 3-2, despite scoring five points less.  Germany won one of their doubles, but France won the tie overall 4-1. 

After a lunch break came our first crunch tie against Hungary, to be played in temperatures of around 35oC.  The triple of Basil, Colin and Jim won the first game to finish 13-10.  After a long hard battle Roger, Steve and Jill narrowly lost 11-13.  Basil and Jill won the first double 13-12, while Linda and Jim lost 11-13.  This meant that the tie was decided by the final double in which, after a very long hard game, Roger and Steve won 13-10 to give victory to the Wheatsheaf by 3-2 – Job half done!  While this was going on, France were thrashing Latvia 5-0, dropping only 8 points over the five games.

Now it was our turn to face France and the inevitable hammering.  This duly came in double quick time with a loss of only 5 points over the five games.  However, only one fanny was sustained and they know who they were! Steve and Jill both drew applause from the 50 or so crowd for carreaus and sustained accurate pointing during their games. 

The climax of our weekend was played out indoors to the Wagnerian accompaniment of thunder and rain hammering down on the tin roof.  Our triples were drawn with Latvia: Roger, Steve and Jill winning 13-11 and Basil, Colin and Jim losing 10-13, despite having a 9-3 lead at one point!  Jim and Judith lost their double 5-13 and, after a hard fight, Basil and Jill lost 9-13.  Another long game resulted in a win for Steve and Roger 13-10, but sadly the tie was lost 2-3 and Latvia finished third and will host a second round tie with Monaco and Sweden travelling to them – ah, what might have been!

Overall it was a hard but very enjoyable weekend.  For the third time The Wheatsheaf won a tie, and almost repeated the success of 2010 in progressing to the second round.  

Jim Hutchinson

If you are interested in playing in next year's qualifying, watch out for information on the WPA website and your emails!! (You need a WPA licence to be able to represent the club in this competition).

Sunday 7th July 2013

Congratulations to our Chairman who won the WPA Singles title today. 16 players turned up to play this competition at The Kymin in Penarth - in blazing sunshine! Jake beat John Price (Shun, Caerleon RFC PC) in the final in a closely fought game 13-8.

Tuesday 7th May 2013

Celtic Challenge

Just to let you know how the event went!  Scotland built up a very strong lead on Saturday in their early matches against Ireland, while at the same time Wales B were taking valuable points off Wales A as old scores were being settled. We ended up playing 7 of the 12 rounds on Saturday, which ended with Scotland in the lead with 23 wins, Wales A with 20 wins, Wales B with 7 wins and Ireland with 5 wins.

On Sunday, with the sun shining, Wales A continued to take wins over Ireland, but Scotland were also faring better against Wales B, so that when the last group of matches between Wales A and Scotland started, Scotland led by 2 wins.

It was then that things got very exciting as during the afternoon Wales A staged a major comeback. They led by 4 games  going into the last round, so just needed to win 1 of the last 4 games to take the trophy. They lost the first 2 but won the third, then narrowly lost the last game against Scotland.

The final scores were:-
1st Wales A 34 wins
2nd Scotland 32 wins
3rd Wales B 17 wins
4th Ireland 13 wins

The top individual team with 10 wins out of 12 games played, and a
points difference of +62, was Wales A 4, Neil Dobbins, Rod Dobbins and
Ian Bailey.

Sunday 21st April 2013

Congratulations to Gemma Foster, Tansy Mayfield (Caerleon RFC PC) and Julie Bailey (Monkstone Inn PC) who qualified to represent Wales at the World Championships for Women in October this year. The venue is yet to be confirmed.

Well done to all 8 teams who took part - in miserable conditions!! The Wheatsheaf was well represented in the qualifier - Judith Morgan, Jill Brace, Diane Warren, Linda Hutchinson. A special mention to Gail Brooksbank who took part in her first WPA competition, she fully embraced the challenge and enjoyed the day!  

Sunday 14th April 2013

The morning started dry, much to the surprise of the 12 teams competing, who all turned up fully equipped for a downpour!  The morning session was a round robin, playing in 3 groups of 4.   From this three teams went in to lunch unbeaten: BRT (Ian Bailey, Jean-Yves Robic and Kon Tomczyk); Wheatsheaf Wipeouts (Steve & Jill Brace and Roger Morgan) and Eagles (Basil White, Simon Herbert and Pam Healey). 


After a substantial lunch of Faggots and Peas or Chunky Vegetable Soup, the afternoon started with the top 8 teams in a knockout competition for thr cup and the lower 4 teams competing for the plate.

In the cup competion, BRT, PPS (Pat Daviss, Paul & Sue Rowlands), Cannan without a Ball (Dai Cannan, Mike Jacques and Jake Caston) and Wheatsheaf Wipeouts scored victories in the quarter finals; while JPR (Jim Hutchinson, Paul Charlton and Ray Williams) and Wenvoe Backhanders (Mel Davis, Rob Hayman and Dan Murphy) progressed to the final of the plate competition.


Unfortunately the weather gods did not see fit to grant us the balmy (relatively!) conditions all day, and the rain fell – harder and harder. In deteriorating conditions, BRT  and Cannan without a Ball made it through to the final, where BRT secured victory in the cup and Wenvoe Backhanders won the plate competition.


Wednesday 6th March 2013

The Club's AGM was held tonight. Jake congratulated teams and players for another good season - several league trophies in the BIG League and various members representng Wales internationally. We have also just retained the title for Welsh Cup for Clubs - the first time we have won it in consecutive years - the draw for the European round will be made in March/April. Linda has taken on the role of Secretary, all other comittee members remain the same. We will again be putting 4 teams into the BIG League and 2 into the WPA League.


News 2012

Monday 31st December 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! 

Also an announcement - we are pleased to confirm that The Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club will be hosting the Celtic Challenge 2013. This is an annual competition between Wales, Scotland and Ireland. It will take place on the bank holiday weekend in May - 4th/5th.

We are keen for any local businesses to sponsor us in what will undoubtedly be an amazing opportunity to show off our club and put on a memorable competition!! Sponsors will also get to advertise their business in the programme (at a cost!!). There will also be fundraising events coming up - so please support us in our efforts to show what a great club we are at The Wheatsheaf!!

Sunday 11th November 2012

Reminder to everyone that Sunday lunch time mêlées have started... 12pm-2pm.  

Wednesday 7th November 2012

The Welsh Ladies Petanque team have just returned from the European Ladies Championships in Belgium last weekend. Gemma Foster, Tansy Mayfield and Julie Bailey represented Wales in the competition. Tansy started the competition with the Tir de Precision (shooting comp) and had a frustrating time! Scoring only 9 but having 2 scores of 5 and 3 disallowed because her feet were touching the circle. The preliminary rounds saw them drawn in group C with Ireland, Jersey and the seeded Czech Republic team. A strong start on Friday evening saw them beat Jersey and Czech Republic, guaranteeing them a place in the top 16. Two loose ends against Ireland meant they lost 13-11 to them but still topped the group and went into the top 16 and the main part of the competition. The girls were then drawn in a group with Poland, Belgium 2 and Turkey. No lesson learnt in the Polish game - they were simply better than us! Belgium saw us on a bit of a downer after losing 2 games on the trot, we were stuffed 13-1 and never really got into the game. Our final game was against Turkey, we stuck in there and made them fight for the win, we lost 13-4 but the score doesn't reflect the game.

A disappointing finish after such a strong and confident start but on reflection we were the only home nation to get into the top 16 and this was where we finished last time so a consistent result for Wales' women!! Ireland, England and Scotland all went into the Nations Cup. Congratulations to Scotland who lost in the semi-finals to Slovenia but still got a trophy for finishing joint 3rd in the Nations Cup!! And also congratulations to England juniors who lost in the final of the Nations Cup to Luxembourg.

Thanks again to all those who supported us in the fundraising and whilst we were there!!!

Tuesday 6th November 2012

A delayed update to the end of the season - well done to Wheatheaf Harriers who finished Runners Up in Division 3, they will be promoted to Division 2 next season. Also congratulations to Wheatsheaf Kestrels who won Division 2 so right back up into Division 1 next year! Finally a big well done to Wheatsheaf Falcons - who this season did the Treble!! Winning Division 1, the League Cup and the Champion of Champions!!! A strong contingent will pick up the trophies and medals this weekend at the BIG League Presentation Evening at the ROF Club.  


Friday 31st August 2012

Week 18 -

BIG - Falcons beat PILCS 3-1, Eagles lost 4-0 to Red Lion Heads, Kestrels beat Star A 3-1, Harriers beat Star B 3-1

WPA - Wheatsheaf A beat Wenvoe Raiders 3-1, Squirrels lost 3-1 to Penarth Pendragons. This was the final week of the WPA Cardiff League, with a few games to be caught up on. Well done to The Monkstone Inn PC, who won Division 1 in the league undefeated. Also well done to Wheatsheaf A who were runners up in this Division - only losing 1 game and that was to the winners!!

Tuesday 21st August 2012

Week 17 -

BIG - Falcons drew with Red Lion Tails, Harriers drew with NHSOB, Eagles beat Caerleon A 3-1 and Kestrels beat Rising Sun Buffers 3-1. 

WPA - Wheatsheaf drew with Isca Romans, Squirrels drew wth Monkstone Marauders. In the Cup competition, Wheatsheaf A drew with Monkstone Minotaurs but lost on points countback so are knocked out of the Cup in the quarter finals.

Sunday 12th August 2012

Week 16 -

BIG - Falcons drew with Panteg, Eagles lost 3-1 to PILCS, Kestrels drew with ROF C, Harriers drew with Clytha B 

WPA - Wheatsheaf A beat Wenvoe Dragons 4-0, Squirrels drew with Barnstormers

Week 15 -

BIG - Falcons beat Caerleon Blues 3-1, Eagles beat PILCS 4-0, Kestrels lost 4-0 to Ponthir House ad Harriers lost 4-0 to ROF B 

WPA - Wheatsheaf A drew with Penarth Pendragons, Squirrels lost 4-1 to Wenvoe Dragons

Week 14 -

BIG - Falcons beat Red Lion Heads 4-0, Eagles drew with Red Lion Tails, Kestrels beat Rising Sun Shunters 3-1 and Harriers beat Halfway 4-0

WPA -  Wheatsheaf A drew with The Monkstone Inn PC, Squirrels beat Wenvoe Raiders 3-1

Wednesday 25th - Sunday 29th July 2012

A team of WPA Members travelled to Denmark to represent Wales and the Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club in the Euro Cup Competition. They faced the club champions from Denmark, Italy, Poland and Austria. You can watch some of the games on http://www.petanque-exclusive.com/.

It was a tough competition in the blistering heat but we did well! Against Italy - who went on to win the group - we lost 5-0 but had some close games, losing to 12 in the mixed doubles. Denmark was also a 5-0 defeat but they have been Danish Champions for the last 3 years - they were runners up in the group. Again we had a few close games, losing to 10 and 12 in the doubles. To Poland we lost 4-1, the triples matches were closely fought and we picked up a win in the mixed doubles. And finally - Austria - we lost both the triples matches against them on the Friday but managed a clean sweep in the doubles on Saturday to win the match 3-2!! We were very pleased with our results and thoroughly enjoyed the competition. Thank you to all those who supported us.

Thursday 19th July 2012

Week 13 -

BIG - Falcons drew with the Eagles, Kestrels beat Tradesmans 3-1, Harriers lost 4-0 to Rising Sun Trackers

WPA - Wheatsheaf A beat Monkstone Marauders 4-0 and Squirrels drew against Wenvoe 2

Sunday 15th July 2012

Thanks to those who played in our Club Doubles Competition today - 9 teams in all. We played a 3 game snake in the morning before breaking for lunch. The bottom team sat out the afternoon play, the next 4 went into the Plate and the top 4 into the Cup.

The final of the Plate was won by Kon and Barbara after being a long way down against Pat Daviss and Dai Bevan, they fought back to win 13-10.

The Cup final was closely fought all the way through, with the lead bouncing back and for. Gemma and Jake eventually won, beating Roger and Judith 13-10.  

Saturday 14th July 2012

Week 12 -

BIG - Falcons beat Abergavenny Clarets 4-0, Eagles drew with Panteg, Kestrels won 3-1 against Clytha A, Harriers lost 3-1 to Abergavenny Golds

WPA - Spare week so no matches, Squirrels caught up on game against Penarth Pendragons, they lost 3-1 

Sunday 8th July 2012

Well done to Basil, Simon, Josh, Jill, Steve, Gay and Dan for helping the WPA League claim a convincing victory over the Marches League this year!! Played at Seven Stars in Cleyhonger.  

Week 11 -

BIG - Falcons beat ROF A 3-1, Eagles lost 4-0 to Caerleon Blues, Kesterls drew with Caerleon Greens, Harriers beat Little Crown 3-1

WPA - Wheatsheaf A beat Barnstormers 3-1, Squirrels drew with Isca Romans.

Sunday 1st July 2012

Week 10 -

BIG - Falcons beat PILCS 3-1, Eagles beat Red Lion Heads 4-0, Kestrels beat Star A 4-0, Harriers lost 3-1 to Star B

WPA - Wheatsheaf A beat Squirrels 3-1, Squirrels also lost in the Cup to Monkstone Inn (SHM). Wheatsheaf A have a Bye.  

Week 9 -

BIG - Falcons beat Red Lion Tails 4-0, Eagles beat Caerleon A 3-1, Kestrels drew with Rising Sun Buffers, Harriers beat NHSOB 3-1

WPA - Wheatsheaf A drew with Wenvoe Raiders, Squirrels game v Penarth Pendragons was postponed 

Sunday 24th June 2012

The Ladies European Qualifier was held today at Pentwyn Leisure Centre. Four teams entered into a double round robin. It was a closely fought day with two teams finishing level on games won, only points difference separating them, Runners up were Trio - Jill Brace, Gay Murphy and Joanie Roberts. Winners were May B Gems - Gemma Foster, Julie Bailey and Tansy Mayfield. They will now represent Wales in the Ladies European Championships in Belgium in November.  

Sunday 17th June 2012

Week 8 -

BIG - Falcons beat Caerleon A 3-1, Kestrels beat Abergavenny Reds 3-1, Eagles drew v Abergavenny Clarets, Harriers drew with Rising Sun Locomotives

WPA - Wheatsheaf A beat Wenvoe 2 3-1, Squirrels lost 3-1 to The Monkstone Inn

Week 7 -

No BIG league matches due to the Queen's Jubilee

WPA - Squirrels drew with Monkstone Marauders 

Week 6 -

BIG - Falcons drew at Panteg, Eagles lost 3-1 to ROF A, Kestrels lost 3-1 to ROF C, Harriers beat Clytha B 4-0

WPA - Wheatsheaf A beat Wenvoe Dragons 3-1 and Squirrels  

Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Week 5 -

BIG - Falcons beat Caerleon Blues 4-0, Eagles drew with PILCS, Harriers beat ROF B 4-0, Kestrels beat Ponthir House 3-1

WPA - Wheatsheaf A beat Penarth Pendragons 3-1 and the Squirrels beat Wenvoe Dragons 3-1

Sunday 20th May 2012

Week 4 -

BIG - Falcons beat PILCS, Eagles drew but lost on countback at Panteg, Kestrels beat Clytha B, Harriers beat Rising Sun Trackers. This was the preliminary round for the CUP and all teams will now go into the 1st round of the CUP draw. The Eagles will go into the 1st round of the PLATE draw.

WPA - Wheatsheaf A's game was cancelled. The Squirrels lost 3-1 to Wenvoe Raiders. In the preliminary CUP round, both teams beat their opponents (Cwins and Barn Dancers) and will be in the draw for the first round of the CUP competition. 

Friday 11th May 2012

Week 3 -

BIG - Falcons drew with Red Lion Heads 2-2, Eagles beat Red Lion Tails 3-1, Harriers beat The Halfway 4-0, Kestrels beat Rising Sun Shunters 3-1

WPA - Wheatsheaf A beat Monkstone Marauders 3-1, Squirrels lost to 3-1 to Wenvoe 2 

Sunday 6th May 2012

Thanks to the 9 teams who turned up to play in the second annual Wheatsheaf Open Triples Competition!! A dry, if not a little chilly at times, day saw players from the Wheatsheaf PC as well as those who travelled from Cardiff and the Marches, battle it out for the title of Wheatsheaf Open Triples Winners. In the plate competition, the Late Arrivals - Shun and Janet Price from Caerleon PC and Roy Wilkes from the Marches won the group and a bottle of cider each. In the main, winners of group A Two Sheafs and A Squaw - Jake, Colin and Gemma - took on winners of group B RSJ - Roger, Steve and Jill. Despite support from the crowd of 5 spectators (!!) Two Sheafs and their Squaw could not beat RSJ for a second tme that day and lost 13-4. Congratulations to Roger, Steve and Jill - Wheatsheaf Open Triples Champions!!!

Saturday 5th May 2012

The draw for the first round of the Euro Cup 2012 has been announced. We have been drawn in Group B, which is to be hosted by Denmark. There are 5 countries in our group - Denmark, Italy, Poland, Austria and Wales - and the top 2 countries will go through to the next round. The first round will take place in Falster (Denmark) on the weekend of 27-28th July. We are starting to organise how the team will travel etc and at the moment are undecided about running a trip as we did when we played in Belgium. We will keep you posted about any updates.  

Thursday 3rd May 2012

We are having some trouble adding new pages to the website to show how the teams are doing this season in the leagues, so for now I will add them into the news section until I can rectify the situation!!

Week 1 -

WPA - Wheatsheaf A drew with Squirrels 2 - 2

Week 2 -

BIG - Falcons beat Eagles 4 - 0, Kestels beat Tradesmans 3 - 1, Harriers beat Rising Sun Trackers 4 - 0

WPA - Wheatsheaf A beat Barnstormers 4 - 0, Squirrels lost to Isca Romans 3 - 1

Sunday 26th February 2012

Today we saw three clubs battle it out to find the 2012 Welsh Club Champion hosted at the Monkstone Petanque Club. The three clubs were Penarth Petanque Club, Wenvoe Petanque Club and The Wheatsheaf Boule Club.
After playing a series of triples and doubles matches against each other the final standing was:

1st - The Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club

2nd - Wenvoe Petanque Club

3rd - Penarth Petanque Club

Thursday 26th January 2012

After the WPA General Meeting last night, the WPA Calendar has now been confirmed. There may be some changes but the website will be updated regularly to advise members.

Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club AGM will be on Monday 5th March 2012 at 7pm. A notice will be put on the board for nominations for committee positions and matters to be added to AOB. Let Gemma know if you would like anything added.

Sunday 1st January 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, from all at The Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club

News 2011

Monday 17th - Wednesday 19th October 2011

Congratulations to the Welsh Ladies Pétanque Team who have recently returned from the Women's World Championships in Turkey. After a rather wet start - where players huddled together under a staged area to keep dry and shelter from the thunder and lightning -  the opening matches were postponed until the following day!! Later on that night - after drying out - Jill Brace took part in the Tir de Précision (Shooting Competition) and scored 13, an improvement on her previous score and under more difficult circumstances - they didn't start until gone 9pm!! The shooting competition was won the following day by Madagascar, she scored 33 in the final aganst Canada. Well done to Sarah Huntley (England) who finished joint 3rd with former World Champion Angelique Papon (France).

A gloriously sunny Tuesday morning saw the start of the World Championship Competition. It was organised using the Swiss System (1 hour plus 2 ends) and due to the postponement, cut to 4 rounds of qualification not 5. We drew Italy in the first round. They won the Nations Cup at the previous competition in Thailand so we knew they were pretty strong. We started off well but unfortunately missed opportunities and the game fell away from us - we were fannied!! Not a good start. We then played New Zealand and it was a close game durng the timed part, neither of us could pull away, until they scored a 5 and went 12-5 up with only 1 end left to play. We lost 12-7. Next was Libya - congratulations to them for being there!! We played well in this game and fannied them. One game left and we were drawn against Hungary - our nemesis!! A new team but they were stronger than us and we lost 13-3. That concluded the 4 qualifying rounds - we were going into the Nations Cup.

Tuesday evening was the first round of the Nations Cup - this was the stage at which we lost to Hungary in Thailand and were knocked out. We drew Finland this time and started the battle. At this stage of the competition, the games were now not timed and so we were not under the pressure of waiting for the whistle!! (In this case it was actually the theme tune for Star Wars!!) So Finland... 2 hours and 7 minutes later - after a really tough battle to keep the lead, then gain it back, then fnish the game - we won 13-11!! We were chuffed as this meant we got to play on the fnal day and had surpassed our previous achievement in Thailand.

Wednesday morning - again glorious sunshine, no cloud, hardly any breeze - we faced Lithuania. Scotland had played them earlier in the competition and offered us a few tips!! We started off as we finished aganst Finland, playing positively and took an early lead. We ran into a few problems and had to call the umpire over for a bit of telling off!! This unfortuately affected us as well as them and we allowed them to come back into the game, but we fought hard and managed to stay with them. Another encounter with the umpire - we were apparently taking too long to finish the game and holding up the next round!! At one point, we timed them taking 1 minute 40 seconds to play a shot!! Eventually, after just short of 3 hours - we lost 13-10. We were extremely disappointed initially but after reflection we are pleased with the way we progressed from Thailand 2009.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us before we went and for the good luck wishes we received. And an even bigger thank you to our supporters who - while we were at least walking back and for playing - sat in the blazing sun cheering us on and keeping us positive throughout.  

Saturday 10th September 2011

Well done to everyone who turned up to play the BIG League Cup and Plate finals at The Rising Sun this afternoon - Wheatsheaf Falcons v Abergavenny Reds in the Cup and Wheatsheaf Eagles v Caerleon A in the Plate. It started off falrly sunny and dry but quickly got wet and windy!! Congratulations to Caerleon A for winning the Plate and a BIG well done to our Falcons for winning the Cup!!!  

Sunday 28th August 2011

The Wenvoe Welsh Open Triples was won by Piste Artistes (Neil and Rod Dobbins and Glyn Attley). Fourteen teams turned up on what was a very relaxed and enjoyable day of pétanque. Two teams of Wheatsheaf players were in the main competition after the morning games - Teacher's Pet (Gemma, Jake and Scott from Penarth) and ROF Rejects (Jill, Steve and Roger). They played a round robin against each other, the Wenvoe Raiders and Piste Artistes. All games were closely fought with Piste Artistes winning all games and finishing top. Teacher's Pet were runners up after losing to Piste Artistes for the second time that day! A lovely day - well done Wenvoe PC!!

Sunday 31st July 2011

The weather was kind to us today - on the rearranged date for Henry's Day!! Thanks to all 21 of us who turned up to play in our annual memorial mêlée. After 3 rounds - 5 people were on 3 wins so it was all to play for in the final round!! Many would say its luck of the draw in a mêlée but a few strong pairings were drawn with both players in with a chance... Keith and Josh lost out to Basil and Ray after being 12-3 ahead!! Jake and Derek were convincngly beaten by Simon and Gemma 13-5!! It was left to Kon to grab the win and finish top with 4 out of 4 wins - playing wth Linda Hillard, they managed to out-point Irene and Jackie and win 13-1. Kon did the lottery last night after but it seems his luck ran out after the draw for the final round!! Runner up was Keith, followed by relative newcomer Josh in third - both on 3 wins and only points difference separating them. The day was ended with a selection of desserts, a 'Happy Birthday' sing song for Derek and a presentation of a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for Marje.

Sunday 3rd July 2011

The WPA Doubles Competition was held at Wenvoe PC in Cardiff. 14 teams turned up to brave the heat! Well done to Jake and Scott (Penarth PC) who won the Plate in convincing style, winning 13-1 against Mike and Joan from Brecon PC. Also well done to Steve and Roger who narrowly lost to Derek and Graham (The Barn PC) in the Semi-Final of the Main. The final was won by Phil Bradshaw and Ian Bailey from Sir Henry Morgan's PC.  

Sunday 12th June 2011

Unfortunately the weather forced us to postpone Henry's Day today. It will now go ahead on Sunday 31st July.  

Tuesday 31st May 2011

The club would like to remember Annie Vicary, after losing her battle against cancer. Annie was a much loved member of the club, always happy to turn up in the cold and just get on with it! Her funeral was well attended and was very much a celebration of a woman who lived life to the full and enjoyed every minute of it. The club will be collecting for her at the mêlée and a donation made.  

Sunday 15th May 2011

The Wheatsheaf PC's first Open Triples Competition!! We had 14 teams on the day and the weather just about stayed dry but was bitterly cold!! Colin's BBQ warmed us all up for lunch with his home-made burgers and sausages!! The Cup Competition was closely fought but Wenvoe Raiders (Mike Jacques, Jeff Ball and Dai Cannan) just lost out after taking a storming lead to the Wheatsheaf Wipeouts (Roger Morgan, Steve Brace and Kevin Hughes), who dug in and pulled out a strong finish! In the Plate, Wenvoe Newcomers (Terry Lloyd, Tony and Sarah Scullion) came a close second to In The Pink (Tansy Mayfield, Christine Hughes and Richard Harris). A big thanks to everyone who came to play - we hope you enjoyed the day and hope to see you next year!!

Wednesday 4th May 2011

The Wednesday Night Mêlées are now underway for the 3rd week. They will continue until the end of September. Please feel free to come along and join in - bring a friend! The weather has been good so far and 3 games have been played - £1.50 per person.

Saturday 2nd April 2011

Thanks to those who turned up for the Ice-Breaker Mêlée. All 14 of us enjoyed the sunshine - it may be one of the few times we actually get to play in it this season!!

Monday 28th March 2011

The BIG League AGM took place last night at the ROF Glascoed. As a club we entered 4 teams, as in previous years. The only change to them is their new names!! Below are the new names and the team captains: 

Wheatsheaf Falcons - Jake Caston (Division 1)

Wheatsheaf Kestrels - Jim Hutchinson (Division 1)

Wheatsheaf Eagles - Basil White (Division 1)

Wheatsheaf Harriers - Gill Price/Gail Brooksbank (Division 3)

The BIG League will be holding an Introductory Mêlée at The Rising Sun on Saturday 16th April from 1:00pm (details TBC).

The league is due to start on Tuesday 26th April and will run until the end of August. Details of fixtures will be available shortly.

Sunday 13th March 2011

The WPA Ladies Qualifier was held at The Barn PC. The competition was reduced to a one day qualifier due to few entries. Four teams played in an effort to qualify to represent Wales at the Women's World Championships in Hanoi, Vietnam later this year. A round robin format was played in the morning and then repeated in the afternoon. At lunch, the Wheatsheaf/Wenvoe/Caerleon team of Gemma Foster, Jill Brace, Gay Murphy and Barbara Vaughan were leading with 3 wins from 3 games, the Monkstone/Barn team of Judith Smith, Kath and Marie Attfield were second with 2 wins from 3 games. Both teams won their next 2 matches after lunch - WWC on 5 wins and MB on 4 with only each other left to play. It was possible for both teams to end up on 5 wins, in this case a deciding 7th game was to be played. The MB team took a strong lead, pulling ahead to 11-4. The WWC team dug deep and managed to turn the game around, winning 13-11. Well done to Gemma, Jill, Gay and Barbara - who will now represent Wales in the Women's World Championships for the second time. Also well done to the other teams who entered the qualifier, some of whom had never played in a team together and did very well!!

Sunday 27th February 2011

Well done to all 14 teams who turned up at The Wheatsheaf today to play in the Stuart Clark Cup and braved the cold weather - luckily it was mostly dry!! A few hail stones but nothing the pavilion couldn't save us from!! The Runners Up in the Plate were Karen, Mike and Terry from Wenvoe PC, they were narrowly beaten by Tony, Derek and Graham from Penarth PC and The Barn PC. In the Main competition, another closely fought game... Our boys - Steve, Roger and Kevin - were beaten by the Wenvoe Boys - Mike, Jeff and Dai. Well done to all!!

Sunday 20th February 2011

Please could members pay their membership renewals at the pub behind the bar. £5 per person. There will be forms available in the Boules Gubbins box to update contact information (phone numbers, addresses, emails). Could you also indicate whether or not you would like to play in the BIG League - either as a regular player or as a reserve.

Monday 10th February 2011

Our AGM went ahead on Monday 7th February - very cosily squished in the dinng room! Thanks to everyone who attended. The main points arsing from the AGM were:

  • Jim Hutchinson is now Treasurer. Linda felt she should step down as she has taken on the role of Treasurer for the Welsh Pétanque Association.
  • The league matches for the WPA Cardiff League will now be played on a Wednesday night.
  • A vote was taken about whether to keep 4 teams in the BIG League or drop to 3 teams. It was voted that we stay with 4 teams and Gemma is going to try to find out more from members about ther commitment to play during the season.
  • The names of the 4 teams in the BIG League are going to change from A, B, C and D to the names of various predators. (TBC)
  • The Wheatsheaf Doubles Competition will remain closed to members only.
  • The Wheatsheaf Triples Competition will now be an OPEN competition for members as well as non-members.
  • There will again be an Ice-Breaker Mêlée for us all to get those rusty boules back out to play!! (Date TBC)

News 2010

Sunday 19th December 2010

The WPA calendar (provisional I would have thought!) is now on the WPA website for us to plan ahead for next season. The Welsh Cup for Clubs competition is starting much earlier this year - Round 1 scheduled for Sunday 16th January at Pentwyn Leisure Centre. Please let Gemma know asap if you are a WPA member and would like to take part this year.  

Saturday 20th November 2010

Another presentation evening, this time for the BIG League. A big well done to Basil and the C Team for winning Division 2 and joining the A and B Teams in Division 1 next season. Also well done to Robin and the success of the night at Alice Springs Golf Club, a fab night was had by all.  

Saturday 13th November 2010

Tonight was the WPA Presentation Evening. Well done to all those from the Wheatsheaf, we picked up trophies for Runners Up in the League and the Plate (Wheatsheaf A). As a club, Marje will be pleased to have the Welsh Cup for Clubs shield back... Where to put it??!! Also congratulations to Gemma Foster, who won WPA Player of the Year 2010.  

Saturday 30th October 2010

Len from Ross Pétanque Club organised their first ever mêlée today and a few of us went up to support them and lend a helping hand if need be. A very well organised day, enjoyed by all! 22 of us played at their still fairly new pistes, set alongside the bowling green just a 2 minute walk from Ross town centre. A beautiful setting on a fresh but sunny autumn day. We played 2 games then had lunch then the final game to sort out the winners! Well done to Steve Brace (3rd), Lynda from Ross (2nd) and a local of ours, Pat Daviss who came top!! Thank you to Ross Pétanque Club for their warm welcome and a lovely day. 

Friday 15th - Monday 18th October 2010

Round 2 of the European Cup for Clubs in Belgium. The Wheatsheaf PC team and a few supporters set off to Belgium to play in the next round against the home team, Belgium (PC Schorpioen), and the club champions from France (CMO Bassens) and Switzerland (Club Léman). Knowing they would be up against it - and oh boy were we!! - they planned to give it their best shot and make the most of the experience. We drew Belgium in the first match, on their home pistes in their boulodrome where they haven't lost a game since it opened 3 years ago!! We lost 5-0 with 3 fannies too!! Gemma and Jake had a mini-marathon against the Belgian mixed pair, coming from 8-0 down they fought back to 11-10 behind and lost the final end. Next was Switzerland, who we know have played against The Monkstone in the previous round for the last 2 years! We lost 4-1. Well done to Roger and Steve who won their doubles and to the rest of the team who managed to fight off any more fannies in this match - a little victory in itself!! Saturday finished and Sunday brought us face to face with the French... They have lost in the final to the other french team (DUC de Nice) 7 times!! After the triples, we had been well and truly fannied in style!! On to the doubles after lunch, we were ready for 3 more fannies... They must have felt we needed a confidence boost and as they had won the competition already, they allowed us to score in all 3 games and were 'playing' with us!! It was incredible to see them trying to play bad but still being so good!! A big thanks to all the teams who took part, especially for the welcome we received from Belgium and WELL DONE to CMO Bassens for an outstanding win over the weekend, good luck for the final!!

Friday 8th - Sunday 10th October 2010

Well done to Neil Dobbins, Phil Bradshaw, Matthew Franks and Cyril Royer who represented Wales at the Pétanque World Championships for Men in Turkey this weekend. They played Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar and Turkey in the preliminary rounds, winning 2 of the 5 matches (Australia and New Zealand). They then qualified for the Nations Cup where they played in a group withTahiti and Poland. Poland went through to win the group. Neil also scored 21 in the shooting competition - a Welsh Senior's record at this level! Well done to the boys!! We're sure they have enjoyed their experience.

Sunday 26th September 2010

A relaxed few games of boule today at Pentwyn Leisure Centre in the Plate Final of the WPA Cardiff League. Well done to Wheatsheaf A for finishing Runners Up - again - on points difference!! Congratulations to Caerleon Celts who beat us by 5 points!!

Thursday 16th September 2010

Well done to Wheatsheaf A who finished runners up in the WPA Cardiff League for the third year running! It was a more closely fought battle this year as the difficulties faced by the Monkstone Monarchs team allowed other teams to challenge for the title... (They have won the title for the past 4 years!). The top 2 teams were level on the number of games won so it was going to go down to points to decide who came out on top. Wheatsheaf A finished up with more wins than the league winners, however missed out by 10 points in their points difference totals. Well done to Abergavenny, who finished top.

Wednesday 15th September 2010

This will be the last mêlée on a Wednesday night until next April when they start back up. The Quiz Nights will start on Wednesday 22nd September and run fortnightly throughout the Autumn/Winter.

Monday 13th September 2010

Congratulations to our C Team - Basil, Mike, Gay and Dan - who finished top of Division 2 this season in the BIG League and will be promoted next year to play in Division 1. This will mean we have 3 teams playing in Division 1 and the D Team will be playing in Division 3 next year.

Sunday 5th September 2010

The Stuart Clarke Cup went ahead at the Wheatsheaf yesterday despite the rain uninvitedly showing up!! This is an annual memorial WPA competition. Ten teams fought it out yesterday for the title. In the plate, runners up were Paul and Tansy Mayfield who were pipped to the top by fellow Caerleon teammates - Mike North and Dai Bevan. In the main competition, runner up was another Caerleon side - Kon Tomczyk and Barbara Vaughan, who were beaten by Jake Caston and Gemma Foster to win the Stuart Clarke Cup Winners title - not to mention a few bottles of wine!! This I think drove everyone's determination!! An enjoyable but damp day was had by all!!

Friday 19th / Sunday 22nd August 2010

Congratulations to Gemma, Jill, Sue and Berengere who played in the 5th European Petanque Championships for Women in Slovenia this weekend. The girls were drawn in the first round against Denmark, Scotland and Turkey. Losing to Denmark and Scotland, they managed to pull a shock victory out of the bag against Turkey. This meant Denmark went through as group winners as they won all 3 games. Second place was a little more difficult to decide as the 3 other teams were all on 1 win each. Scotland finished 4th in the group, with Wales and Turkey also level on points difference - both on -6. This meant the decision for who was to finish second was down to the result between Wales and Turkey - and Wales had just won that one!! This meant that as second in the group they went into the main part of the competition - the first Welsh team to have ever achieved this level. Wales were now in a group with France, England and Estonia. They played the French first, with the World and European Champion Shooter in the team!! Although fannied in 5 ends and lasting only 35 minutes - the girls say 'it was an incredible experience to play against them to see how they play the game differently to us and we were pleased that we had lasted this long!!' In fact over the whole weekend the French had about 14 points scored against them - quite impressive... Next was England, a tough one as each team was more aware of how the others would play. Wales fell behind 12-6 but dug in and came out victorious 13-12!! Had they lost this game, they would have been out of the competition. They now had to play Estonia to decide who would go though to the Quarter Finals against Spain. Wales went into a 6-1 lead but gave away a big end of 5 and eventually lost 13-7. Despite being very disappointed about not keeping their lead and being knocked out, the girls say they are very pleased with how they did and the progress Wales are making as a nation in these International Competitions which is important to the development of the sport in Wales. Well done girls!! Also a big thank you to all those who supported them before they went.

Saturday 31st July / Sunday 1st August 2010

This weeknend saw the Wheatsheaf welcome teams from Austria (HA Petanque Wien) and Luxembourg (Peta-Boules Schifflange) in Round 1 of the European Cup for Clubs. We had a full weekend planned for our guests starting with an open mêlée on Friday evening with a BBQ. Thanks to everyone who turned up to play, we had over 50 people playing and more watching how our opponents would adapt to our pistes! It was a successful night enjoyed by all.

Saturday morning was the start of the competitive matches. The Wheatsheaf played Peta-Boules Schifflange in the triples first, winning 1 of the 2 games. Next we played HA Petanque Wien in triples, again winning 1 of the 2 games. This left us in a good position for the doubles rounds on Sunday. In the afternoon, our opponents played each other and after 2 close games, Peta-Boules Schifflange won both, leaving them in a very strong position for Sunday.

Sunday was a day of doubles, with another 3 points up for grabs in each round. We started again with Peta-Boules Schifflange and were beaten in all 3 games, this meant that we had lost the match with them 1 - 4 and the pressure was now on to take at least 2 of the next 3 games against HA Petanque Wien or we were out of the competition. Nothing like a bit of pressure to spur us on!! We changed our pairings before starting the games against Austria to try and re-focus as we were all feeling a bit down after losing all 3 against Luxembourg. This proved to be a good decision. Steve and Jim took the first victory 13-6. Jill and Linda had a tough game against a strong pair but had a good game and the score did not reflect the quality of the play, they lost 13-3. Both of these games had now finished, the match score was 2-2, leaving Jake and Gemma with even more pressure to take that final game and win the match 3-2!! With a 10-6 lead they lost the next end to go 10-7, but took 3 on the next to secure that victory!! We now had to wait and see how HA Petanque did against Peta-Boules Schifflange, if they beat them 3-0 in the doubles, we would not qualify. The games started and Peta-Boules stormed into the lead in all 3 games. They won the first 2, giving them a 4-0 lead, but a huge game was being fought for the last point. Austria eventually lost it 13-12, giving Luxembourg a 5-0 win in their macth.

So, well done to Peta-Boules Schifflange who finished top of the group with victories over The Wheatsheaf and HA Petanque Wien. Congratulations to The Wheatsheaf - we finished second and go through to Round 2 of the competition, which will be somewhere in Europe in October. Also well done to HA Petanque Wien for contributing to the great weekend of petanque had by all. Lots of new friends have been made and we look forward to going on tour in the future!!

We would also like to say a big thank you to all those who supported us in our fundraising to make this such a successful weekend and to those who came up to support us over the weekend. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Sunday 23rd July 2010

The Wheatsheaf Doubles Competition has been cancelled. We will try to re-arrange it later in the season. Keep an eye out for updates!

Tuesday 6th July 2010

A second European Food Night was held to raise funds for the Welsh Ladies team - Gemma, Jill, Berengere and Sue - for their trip to represent Wales in Slovenia in August. The sell-out night raised £265. We also held a raflle for the European Cup for Clubs, which rasied another £52. A big thank you to all involved - chefs, waitresses and diners!!

Sunday 4th July 2010

Jake and his partner Scott Murray from Penarth were runners up this weekend in the WPA National Doubles in Wenvoe. They lost in the final to Mike and Jeff from Wenvoe, the home advantage obviously paid off for them!!

Sunday 27th June 2010

A big well done to our 3 Wheatsheaf players - Jake Caston, Roger Morgan and Steve Brace - for finishing Runners Up in the Main Competition at the annual Hereford Open at The Swan Inn, Letton. They were narrowly beaten by an all Abergavenny team.

Sunday 13th June 2010

As a fundraiser for the European Cup for Clubs, we held a 'Food From Across Europe' night at The Wheatsheaf. A very successful and tasty evening was had by all! Thank you to everyone who came along at ate with us. And thanks to Colin and Jake who slaved away in the kitchen for us!! We raised £175. A very big thank you to Wenvoe PC who came to support us and also did a football raffle and made a donation which raised another £50. The next food night will have a different menu and is booked for Tuesday 6th July at The Wheatsheaf at 7pm. 22 places available so book fast!!

Friday 11th June 2010

Bowling and Curry was a good night had by all!! Well done to Derek, who took first place with a score of 139!! Sue Foster and Judith Morgan battled for last place and Sue eventually took it by one point - 62!!

Sunday 6th June 2010

Henry's Day saw 20 of us at The Wheatsheaf to play in our annual memorial competition. The rain held off and there will be a few red shoulders in the morning! Before lunch there were 5 challengers to the title who had won all 3 of their morning games... After some extra helpings of Eton Mess and Basil's Jelly - they all lost the first match after lunch, throwing it back open! Finally, there were 7 players on 4 wins. A special mention to all those who were fannied throughout the day too - Steve, Basil, Derek and Keith. An extra special mention to Ged - who managed to get 2!!

Winner - Tony Warren

Runner Up - Jake Caston

Sunday 23rd May 2010

Well done to Gemma Foster, Jilll Brace and Berengere Demay, who won the WPA Ladies Qualifier to represent Wales in the European Ladies Championships in Slovenia this August. On a very hot day, a very long day, the deciding game was the final game between this team and a team of Tansy Mayfield, Julie Bailey, Christine Hughes and Diane Westall. Both teams had won all their previous games so it was all down to this one! The girls took a 9-1 lead but their opponents fought back. They eventually won 13-7. Congratulations and good luck girls!!

Sunday 16th May 2010

We had six teams taking part in our Triples Competition and a mixed bag of weather conditions!! We played a round robin, with it all coming down to the last round for one team to go ahead.

1st - Conjoined and Condemned (Kon Tomczyk, Jim Hutchinson, Linda Hillard and Derek) - 4 wins (+18)

2nd - Warren and Two Bunnies (Tony Warren, Jill Brace and Gemma Foster) - 3 wins (+14)

3rd - Suebarb and Hutch (Sue Foster, Barbara Vaughan and Linda Hutchinson) - 3 wins (+6)

Also today was the Top 8 Seeding Competition after the Grand Prix series, to represent Wales this year in International Competitions. Well done to Jake, Roger, Steve and Scott (Penarth) for finishing in 4th position. They will now wait to see where they are invited to play this summer in Europe.

Friday 7th May 2010

We have had confirmation from Luxembourg and Austria and look forward to welcoming them all on Friday 30th July at The Wheatsheaf. Keep watching for updates!!

Saturday 1st / Sunday 2nd May 2010

Well done to Jake and all those who played in the Celtic Challenge at the weekend at The Wenvoe Arms. The Welsh teams took on Ireland and Scotland and won the title for the fourth year in a row!! The results were: Wales A 31 wins, Ireland 26 wins, Wales B 21 wins and Scotland 18 wins. This was the first time that Wales B have finished third - so an extra well done to them too!!

Saturday 17th April 2010

The Ice Breaker was a great success and we had over 40 people turn up to play or have a watch. The weather was lovely and the BBQ went down a treat after a few games of boule. A big thanks to all those who turned up and we hope to see you all again soon!!

Sunday 11th April 2010

Well done to the team who played at The Wheatsheaf in the Inter-Club Challenge against Abergavenny PC and The Marches. Thanks to all those who played and won convincingly - losing only 2 games all day. Another successsul competition saw us retain the cup for the 5th consecutive year!!

Wednesday 31st March 2010

The draw for the European Cup for Clubs has been announced! We have been drawn at home, to face teams from Luxembourg and Austria. The competition will take place on July 31st - August 1st. More info to follow...

Sunday 21st March 2010

The final round of the Welsh Cup for Clubs went better than expected for us! If The Monkstone won 7-0 against The Barn, it meant we had to take at least 3 games from Abergavenny to draw level with them, this would mean we went through as we beat The Monkstone 5-2. We won the first round of triples games, needing just 1 more win from the remaining 5 games - the pressure was on!! Losing the next 2 doubles meant we only had 3 games to get that final win... We won the next doubles and guaranteed the title!! We then relaxed and only won 1 of the last 2 triples games, giving us a 4-3 victory over Abergavenny. We finished on 26 wins and winners of the Welsh Cup for Clubs Competition. We now get put into the European draw and will find out in a few months where and against which 2 countries the next round will be. Well done and congratulations to all those who took part!!

Monday 8th March 2010

The main outcomes from the AGM were:

  • We are going to try to get the club back to its former family orientated self!
  • Wednesday night mêlées will go back to giving prizes not money for the winners
  • We are organising a trip to play boule in the Isle of Wight in June
  • We have organised a working party to get lights put up before the start of the season this year
  • We are going to purchase a gas BBQ to do food on mêlée nights, and possibly a heater if we have enough funds
  • An Ice Breaker evening will be on 17th April at 4pm - everyone welcome, bring friends and family to play boule, eat and be merry!!

Sunday 28th February 2010

The second round of the Welsh Cup for Clubs was held at The Wheatsheaf and was a very cold and blustery day! We played Wnevoe in the morning session and won 7-0. In the afternoon, we played Caerleon and lost 4-3. This puts us on 22 wins which is 3 clear of our nearest rivals, Abergavenny, with Monkstone 4 wins behind us. The deciding round of matches will be held at Abergavenny on March 21st. Any one of the top 3 teams could win the title on the final day!

Sunday 21st February 2010

The first round of the Welsh Cup for Clubs was held at Wenvoe and was a good day for the Wheatsheaf. Six teams are entered in the competition, all playing for the chance to take part in the next round. This week was the first round of the Welsh Qualifiers. Each club plays a match against each of the other teams over 3 weekends. During each match there are 7 points up for grabs (2 triples, then 3 doubles then another 2 triples). We played The Barn in the morning and won 7-0, in the afternoon we played The Monkstone and won 5-2, giving us a total of 12 out of a possible 14 points. This was an excellent start for us and we hope to do as well next weekend when the competition will be held at The Wheatsheaf.